Bill Leider

Bill Leider comes to SMMI from a background in executive leadership, management and strategy consulting to fortune 500 companies and privately owned companies of all sizes in a variety of industries. Bill’s expertise in the areas of behavior and resistance to change has been foundational to developing our course content to make it real world in its application and execution.

Bill Leider has over thirty five years experience in management and consulting. In addition to his role at Leider Turner & Associates, he is currently the CEO of Real Estate Shows. He has held positions in industry as CEO, President, Executive Vice President and Vice President-Finance in publicly traded and privately owned mid-size companies. He has been involved in general management, marketing, sales, franchising, manufacturing, distribution and finance.

Some of his consulting clients have included: Toshiba, Oracle, Thermador, Vertis, KPMG Peat Marwick, Paramount Pictures and MGM.

Bill’s experience and success as a leader and a consultant have included strategic planning, strengthening brands, improving team effectiveness and communication and implementing cultural change.

All of his experience has emphasized the need for effective communication throughout organizations and in the marketplace. His business perspective, bottom line focus and expertise in communication provide vital insight to the creative process and the delivery of practical, effective sales communication tools at Real Estate Shows.

Bill received his BS degree in business from UCLA.

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