5 Apps to Make You A Political Expert!

Republican vs. Democrat 2012 by DonkeyHotey

Republican vs. Democrat 2012 by DonkeyHotey

Social Media was made an important part of the political scene way back in 2008 when then Candidate Barack Obama used it for grass roots fundraising and to engage sectors of the voting public that had been notoriously disengaged. With social media being so main stream, this year sees numerous ways for people to become informed about the issues and candidates, monitor their progress and even amuse themselves with the grand circus that politics often devolves to. Here are a few different apps that will help you stay in the know when you’re on the go;

  • Politify ; If you’re a political dunce like I am, this might be the app to help you determine which candidate would be best for your pocket book. It takes your marital status, zip code, income, age, and number of family members to illustrate for you the impact of each candidates policies. It will ask for your approval or disapproval of the candidate and even allow you to make a donation direct from the app.
  • Politix ; This beta mobile site aggregates news feeds from all over the web to provide you with political news tailored to you specifically. You enter by signing in through Facebook and then sort by geography, political figures you care about , or issues that are important to you . You can then comment and share articles to your social graph, creting, I’m sure, some very spirited conversations.
  •  270towin and electioncaster can help step you up to the status of political pundit by helping you make informed forecasts of who is carrying what states and who should be leading in various elections. 270towin refers to the number of electoral votes needed to win the presidential election. The app shows you the predications being made by NBC news, or allows you to look back at which candidates carried which states since 1789 – you can even share your own predications in mad form with your social community. Electioncaster acts as a political news aggregator, even providing you with tweet from the top democrats and Republicans, and the results of various polls about the election. With a feature called talkback, you can even send messages directly to elected officials.
  • Comedy Central’s Indecision Election Companion is my favorite app of all of these, with an interactive Peanut Gallery that allows you to react to clips from the Daily Show and the Colbert Report, as well as debates and political events. There is a calendar and reminder feature, and you can , as with all the other apps share anything that piques your interest with the members of your online communities.

If the greatest asset our country can have is an informed electorate, these apps can certainly help you become part of that group, and even entertain you a little on the way.

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