6 Apps to Make Your Smartphone Smarter

With just about every businessperson and teenager sporting a shiny new smartphone, the big question seems to be how useful your apps make your phone. Here are 6 all star apps for the Android and the iPhone to make your smartphone more than just another pretty face.

1. Android users can get over their “Bump” envy at last, Bump, originally an ios app was made to simplify the transfer of addres information between smart phones, With so many ways for us all to connect, just getting a phone number hasn’t been enough for a while. No android users can join their iPhone friends in transferring photos, contacts and apps by simply bumping phones together. Sporting a new design, bump now has the ability to share as many photos as desired, sync devices and find out what mutual friends you have. Working across operating systems, it just makes the distinction between android and iphone users a little less confusing

2. Note taking apps are very useful, and Catch Notes is an android and ios app that lets you capture and share photos, voice memos, maps and reminders, using a cloud based auto-sync approach similar to evernote. You can also creat collections that can be stored or shared for collaboration. You can also email notes and scan product barcodes to capture gift ideas. Provided as a freemium model, like so many other apps, there are aditional features available in the paid version

3. Having mentioned Evernote, I would be remiss if I didn’t add it to the list of must haves. Available for both the Android and ios operating systems, Evernote allows you to keep your phone, your tablet, and your computer synchronized with photos, web clippings, audio notes, and text, allowing you to Geo-Tag as you add data, and organize them into useful notebooks to use and share. I have evernote on every device I own, and I keep finding more and more ways to use it in my business and personal life. A real must have, and I even use the paid version for myself 🙂

4.Lemon is an ios app that makes it easy to track expanses by using your phones camera to scan an unlimited number of receipts. It provides the ability to assign labels and categories for different types of spending, allows you to create spending summary reports, export receipt scans, store receipts with encryption, and provide you with merchant data as well.

5.Wikitude allows users to find points of interest around them by using Augmented Reality technology. It allows you to simply hold your phone up and use the camera as a viewing device to see restaurants, ATMs, events, and user reviews. With more than 150 million pointd of interest and content prvided by over 2,500 providers, the tool is useful for travelers, or even consumers entering new neighborhoods in their own cities. Search abilities ad coupons just make the app even better

6. Teambox HD is a free ios based collaboration app that allows you to avoid emailing back and forth when you’re working on a project with others. Install the app on all of your team’s ios based smartphones, and you can establish sharing and cloud sync settings using Google docs and calendar as well as other services. Using Google Docs and Calendar will allow your Android toting friends easy access to your data until the Android version comes out

According to eMarketer 44% of all cell phone users carry smartphones today, and by 2014 that number will increase to almost 53%. every phone, no matter what the OS, relies upon the user to determine what apps will increase its functionality. I hope that you have found at least one or two new ones here. What apps work best for you?

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