7 Steps to Creating Your Own WordPress Blog

Content marketing is the focus of small and large businesses alike, and through the power of Blogging, everyone can play very inexpensively. But the technology challenge faced by the new entrant sometimes leads them to start generating content on hosted blog sites where they become a digital sharecropper, building more value for the host site than they might be building for themselves.

In my speaking and teaching, I have always recommended that the new blogger create a self-hosted blog, but people are often intimidated by the process. Here is an awesome infographic on how to set up your very own self-hosted blog from the good folks at CopyBlogger . Following these simple steps take you through the process with little effort and no intimidation.

When three things I enjoy (Infographics, self-hosted blogs, and Copyblogger)come together, all I can do is share the joy.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your Self-Hosted WordPress Website
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