Aaron Strout Appointed to SMMI Advisory Board

The Social Media Marketing Institute is pleased to announce the appointment of Aaron Strout to our advisory board.  Aaron brings extensive knowledge about the interactive and new media landscape along with more than 15 years of online marketing and advertising experience.

As the Chief Marketing Officer of Austin-based social marketing company, Powered Inc, Aaron focuses not only on day to day marketing activities but also provides a social voice for the company. Aaron creates awareness and lead generation for the company through speaking, blogging, podcasting and social networking activities.

Aaron is a founding member and Past President of The Boston Interactive Media Association (BIMA), a MITX organization.  BIMA is New England’s only online advertising focused industry groupcomprised of over 2,000 online advertising and marketing professionals with business interests in the New England market.

Aaron is an expert in translating online activities into offline connections and experiences.  His expertise in the interactive space makes him a phenomenal addition to our advisory board.  Welcome Aaron!