An Interview with Jason Falls

With the growth of Social Media and Inbound Marketing, conferences and seminars for professional marketers and corporate consultants abound. One of the premiere events is the InBound Marketing Summit sponsored by Hubspot (creators of TwitterGrader, WebsiteGrader, and several other interesting and useful sites) and run by Chris Brogan and Justin Levy.

The event attracts the highest quality social media practitioners, and I thought that our readers might enjoy hearing from one or two of them, so aided by my trusty video camera, and a complete disregard for my lack of experience, I stopped some people that I respect and asked them a couple of quick questions. Here is the first in this series.

Jason’s online resume provides this professional description :

Nationally-recognized expert on public relations, social media and online communications with 12 years of management experience and proven ability in public relations, social media, marketing, corporate communications, branding and advertising. Vision for high-return media opportunities and communications strategies that strengthen organizational market position and enhance growth. Exceptional ability and knowledge to lead social media and online marketing campaigns, public relations campaigns and issue management programs. Strong ability to influence thinking of others, develop strategic relationships and build community consensus.

While impressive, the description does fail to give you a sense of Jason as a person.  I have found Jason to be down to earth, funny, generous and gracious – and I’m so pleased that you and I can share a minute with him here.