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With so many shiny new things popping up every day, we all tend to run from site to site to see where we can get the greatest amount of traction for our business. Sometimes we are so blinded by the shiny objects that we neglect to see what slightly more mature site might do for us. Tumblr may be on of those oversights for so many social marketers. Tumblr, a micro-blog and social network founded in 2007 has proven to be a very sticky site, with over 28 million Blogs and over 10 Billion blog posts 3.5 Billion of which were posted in the last three months (indicating a growing usage by it’s members).

But just having people posting is not good enough to determine it’s viability as a site for your sharing. We also need to know if these posts are being seen. According to Comscore, Tumblr received over 13 million unique visitors in July of this year, a 218% year over year increase. A substantial audience indeed.
Te fashion industry seems to have embraced Tumblr, and a number of companies are finding it to be a great reach out to consumers because of the flexibility of the platform whch allows members to post various content broken into Audio, Chat, Link, Photo, Quote, Text, And Video. Posts can be placed in Qeue for publication later, and th site automatically handles things like attribution when re-blogging someone else’s content.

The varying types of content allow for creative users to increase their value to their online communities by sharing information that is appropriate not only in the context of the community but the context of the media. for example McNally Jackson, an independent bookstore publishes a lot of text excerpts of new books, author interviews, reviews, and maintains a separate account for kids, while The Sunlight Foundation , a non-profit determined to foster governmental transparency, concentrates on sharing infographics on its Tumblr Blog.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of Tumblr in today’s environment of content creation and  curation is the ability to post a variety of content easily from a variety of places. In the words of the site “Post text, photos, quotes, links, music, and videos, from your browser, phone, desktop, email, or wherever you happen to be” on a completely customizable platform. Like any other platform, the content you post is more important then the structure of the platform, but there is a lot to be said for simple and easy – which Tumblr exemplifies. By not worrying about themes and plugins like WordPress users, people can create content or share content easily and consistently, allowing their audiences to set reasonable expectations which are easily met.

As a platform for sharing quotes,short thoughts, and pictures, Tumblr is pretty powerful. It may or may not be for you, but with its tremendous and rapidly growing audience, its certainly worth checking out as a viable venue for sharing and engaging with your target demographic.

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