Are You Worried About Your Online Privacy?

In the read write web, you have probably have an online reputation. It might be the one you created for your business, or by playing around on Facebook, or perhaps it was the online picture of your crafted by other people- your friends and family who posted family or business photos as part of their activity.

It sometimes weirds us out, but we still need to be aware because the world isn’t going to go away, and more and more people share more and more information every day.

According to the Pew Research Center, one out of ten people have posted something that they later regret, and twice as frequently those who post now and regret later people are men. But even of we haven’t, we still need to be taking steps to manage our online presence. Most people have untagged themselves in  a photo, if not for privacy , because we thought it was unflattering. In fact, the number of people who have taken that step has increased by 205 in the last two years, and that percentage will probably continue to grow.

The study also revealed that contrary to our first impression, most people are able to adjust the privacy settings in their social networks without difficulty, though one out of five still report some issues with creating appropriate privacy settings.

Here’s a great infographic  from our friends at Zone Alarm  with some tips for enhancing your online security, to which I might add “think before you click” Hope you enjoy.


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