Blogging My Brains Out

I have had a business blog for more than five years and it is the same blog. It has been redesigned a couple of times and moved and it wasn’t until 2006 that I bought the domain name that it runs off of.  I have broken just about every blogging rule and have probably made every possible mistake and am likely to make more before I am done but the blog has brought me a lot of business so I plan to keep going with it.

Over the years the blog has  been a great teacher as it forces me to think so that I can write and then after I write I either get some kind of a reaction or I don’t.  I can look back and see which posts got the most attention and I can indentify other posts as having generated the most business.

There doesn’t seem to be a correlation between traffic to a post and business from that same post.  Some posts just keep on giving by bringing me traffic year after year.

Two thousand posts later I am still learning and I often feel as though I don’t know as much as I did during that first year.

There are some basic rules that I have learned that I will share but they are not carved in stone. A bloggers market place and personality play a key role in what works and what does not.  I have discovered that blogging is more of an art than a science and we have to find our own way.

  1. Short posts are often more effective than long posts and I think it is because people are more likely to take the time to read them.
  2. Humor works on blogs but it has to mixed with data and some in depth commentary but not in the same post.
  3. Posts that come from the heart are usually more effective than posts that come from the brain.
  4. People do want to know something about me. I need to write myself into the story.
  5. People like stories even when I make them up. My goal for next year is to have more story telling on my blog.
  6. Great photography is like glue in that it keeps people on the blog longer.
  7. Photography is like a magnet it attracts people to the blog and to me.  People love pictures even pictures of the ordinary.
  8. The very best SEO is interesting or compelling content.
  9. The best way to generate traffic is to post quality content consistently and often.
  10. It is alright to experiment with different types of content. Experimentation is the best way to learn without it the blog becomes boring for the readers and the author.
  11. The best advice about blogging comes from my analysis of the numbers that I see in Google analytics.
  12. The best way to over come ‘bloggers block’ is to have a time for writing each week and to write as many posts ahead of time as possible and to have days and even an occasional week off from writing anything.
  13. Lists in blog posts should always be in multiples of 5 or they should total 3.

If you take the time to write a blog you will grow both personally and professionally because of it and if you are lucky you will meet people through it and some of them will want to do business with you.