Business on the road – with Remote Apps

How often have you wished you could access your files at your desk but did not want to lug your laptop around. Wouldn’t it be great if you could reach a remote computer at your office and access photos, movies or any application hosted there? There are three products that can do this and make you feel like you are physically there. These products work on smart phones, the iPad and some of the Android tablets. Here is a quick review.

Gotomypc is very well known. Basically when you connect to your MAC or PC you see a real-time image of your computer’s screen. Instantly work with your files, programs and network – from anywhere – just as if you were at your desk. Watch a 2-minute demo about using GoToMyPC.

Logmein is similar to the others but also offers Logmein Ignition for your iPad or iPhone. It  is known as the “one App” that lets you go anywhere.

Splashtop remote is a newer product, also with an app for your computer, phone or tablet. Only for PCs, they do have an iPhone and iPad and Android product. You can watch Flash and use a regular browser using this product. Check it out!

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