Dear FaceBook Friends – Don’t invite me to a meeting in Texas

Dear FaceBook Friends – Don’t invite me to a meeting in Texas because I live in Connecticut!!

Facebook is fantastic for connecting with friends, and clients, We can tell everyone about upcoming events and keep them informed. BUT, please don’t do a mass update to everyone in your Facebook database if they are not local to that event. I receive on a daily basis invitations to fund raising events, dinners, and cocktail parties located … all over the country. It is a waste of my time because I have to spend time deleting these invitations.

Why not use lists instead. As you friend people Facebook gives you the option to classify them in lists. Think about the lists that you want to create. Create them. For example, I have: Family, Coaching clients, Clients, Past Clients, Sphere. You can add people as you friend them or after the fact.

Lists work for two reasons. The steady stream of posts is fun but sometime you miss key people. I always click on my lists and read those posts first!

Secondly, it is easy to send a private message to that list. How? Click on “INBOX”> “Compose Message” Type in the name of the list. Write Message. Send message. Just like you would do in email, type in the name of the list and everyone on the list will get the message. One note, on Profiles, only 20 people in a list can get “a message.”