Don’t Make Resolutions, Make Actions

This is the time of year when we’ve all taken stock of our 2010 and plotted a course for 2011, careful putting together a schedule and a list of solemnly made promises to improve some things, increase some things, and make other things decrease. Ah, the New Year’s Resolution – a ready made invitation to failure that we write off because hey, we were on a high from the holidays – how can we be expected to keep our resolutions?

We can’t, of course, because they’re resolutions, and resolutions are empty when they lack action. Now action, on the other hand, is the real agent of change. That’s why I strongly advise you take actions instead of resolving to take action. Throw out your resolution to blog every day if you’ve never blogged before; instead, write a post every week. One post. Find your voice and before you know it you’ll be writing more than once a week because you have ideas to share and stories to respond to.

The actions you take, while smaller in scale than the grandiose and sweeping resolutions you made on Saturday, are going to help you get the job done and reach the overall goals you have for your business and yourself.

Don’t forget that there’s only one way to finish a marathon, and that’s by putting one foot in front of the other over and over again until you look back and realize you’ve run 26.2 miles.

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