Earning Social Capital- Give when it hurts

Want to build social capital with clients and friends? “If you don’t have money give some away, if you are lonely and don’t think you have friends call someone and see how they are doing. If you don’t have food, invite someone over for dinner.”

These are some of the poignant words spoken to me by my mentor of 25 years. She befriended me when recently married and out of school, my husband and I were trying to build our real estate business.  She took me under her wing and gave me advice that I still use today. Now a prisoner of her aging body her words still ring true.

If you can give when you can’t,  believe me,  it develops a quality in you that is so valuable. and will serve you well. People can feel this true unselfishness and respond! The unpredictable universe has trip levers of kindness.

Why this post? Sometime when asked for advice about developing a social media presence,  I marvel how people don’t realize that their online presence is truly an extension of who they are off line. You can’t buy social capital, you absolutely must earn it. You cannot purchase good will, a giving online presence, you must be that.

So are you broke? Are you lonely?