Enhance Your Productivity With New Dropbox Apps

Dropbox has announced a bevy of new apps to make their cloud computing product even more useful. I have been touting the benefits of working in the cloud in my training sessions and Dropbox is one of the options to consider.

What is cloud computing? Cloud computing is doing all the same things you do now on your physical computer but doing them  online. This includes accomplishing office tasks, storing files, and sharing files.

Think of the visual  of an image of a cloud of data that is on the  Internet. This data can be accessed from anywhere there’s an Internet connection, on any computing device.

With Dropbox, not only can you share all your files from computer to computer via a web browser, but also with your smartphone and iPad. What I love about Dropbox is the ability to work “offline” on your files and when you are online again, Dropbox updates the file for you. Think how useful that will be when you have half and hour to get some work done and need to work on a file that normally would be online. Dropbox now offers an interesting list of apps in their directory. You can find the full list here. At the time of this post, there were 162 apps available. Make sure you check off which device you need an app for. They have apps for Android, Blackberry, iPad, iPhone, Web and Windows Mobile.

The apps are filed under “What’s New” and What’s Hot” and alphabetically. Hopefully they will categorize them eventually to make them easier to sort through. All apps work well with Dropbox. Once you find one you are interested in, download it! There are lots of text editors, document viewers, photo slide shows, memo programs, plus scanner, fax and print apps as well. I downloaded a few memo programs to try out. The list is “light” but the concept is brilliant. Interoperability is one trend that I will be watching in 2011. What is it?

According to Wikipedia, James A. O’Brien and George M. Marakas define interoperability as:

Being able to accomplish end-user applications using different types of computer systems, operating systems, and application software, interconnected by different types of local and wide area networks.

Products like Dropbox Apps fit that bill. Let me know what Apps you download and work!

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