Facebook has invaded the bedroom



I have watched with intrigue and fascination as Facebook has become an integral part of my husband’s life. From the beginning, my husband’s and my approach to emerging technology has been different. I embrace and try everything so I can communicate its benefits to my students, he only dabbling with tools that are of interest to him personally. Music editing programs for his Mac, Autocad to draw floorplans for his building and remodeling, everything else on a need only basis.

Two years ago he received his first laptop, yes a hand me down, but a great one. He started by reading blogs. And commenting on blogs. Then he found Facebook. I receive a call from my daughter about a year ago . . . “Please tell dad that if what he is commenting on in Facebook is longer than the comment box,  it is too long, he is embarassing us.”

So along came the intervention. “honey, why don’t you try just reading what other people are saying and don’t just broadcast your thoughts?” he said he would give it a try.

His social contract is very different than mine. He is very vocal about his faith and his political bent and of course his dream to own a gentlemen’s farm for sustainable living. He has made friends with all the nieces and nephews, and then people around the country that share similar ideas with him.

Now, when he gets home from work, he is not in front of the TV, he is hunched over that laptop connecting with the FB posse.

The last straw really happened when I found him facebooking in bed. Really?  According to A 2010 study conducted by Retrevo, they  found that nearly half of the users in the United States check Facebook for updates from bed!  I guess he is in good company.

So the rub is . . . me who tweets from my droid while I drink morning coffee created a void  – I wasn’t talking to him, so he filled the space with Facebook.

Now we both need an intervention. I want my private alone time with my husband back. Suggestions?