Filling the Social Stream

I like quotes – I use quotes, they inspire me, sometimes they make me laugh, sometimes they make me reflect, and sometimes they make me think about how much I admire the person who first said them. But they don’t make me think more of the person who parrots them.

In our world of constant content – we are driven to fill our social streams regularly, and it is a rare individual who is able to create new content every day at the level of engagement that we desire. Engagement designed to create large numbers of online connections usually involves the need to have content pushed out to them in a regular manner. In many cases this leads to a strategy of retweets, sharing links that have been shared by others, and oftentimes too many quotes for any of them to have any impact.

We talk about our social “streams”, and if we can extend  that analogy a little, we might think of the overtly self-promotional material as litter and  content created by others without being framed by  us as more natural debris, both of which clog the stream making it less effective.  As the stream works to deliver water from its source to its end, we strive to deliver valuable content to our community without interruption or confusion.

Remember that the social space is just that, social. While we can use a variety of things to create content for our friends and followers. Take the time to have some conversations. Though we can share photos, articles we are reading , sites we find interesting, infographics, random thoughts and any number of other things that of value, we are more holding our place than creating relationships or building our value to others. To do that we need to add a setting to these pieces of creativity or information or inspiration that we share, and by  creating a setting for the piece of information , we participate in the conversation.

Curation is more than reiteration – at the very least  it involves context as well as content – add something of yourself and the benefits  multiply.