Five Awesome Photo Apps for Your Phone

Five Awesome Photos Apps for Your PhoneIt seems that wherever you go, people are using their phones as cameras more and more. New phones have amazing cameras as part of their hardware package, whether you carry an iPhone, and phone with the Android operating system, or the new Windows 8 operating system. Cameras in our phones have even generated a new industry as hardware add ons are designed to give us different lenses, , microphones, and cases. But the place most people need to start to generate terrific photos is by choosing apps for their phone’s cameras. Here are five great options that can increase your creativity even if you’re just getting started.

Instagram – Available for both iPhone and Android, Instagram allows you to take existing photos, do simple scene editing, and then share them to a large social network to share. You can even modify the photos in your existing gallery or camera roll for sharing after the fact if you prefer to keep your location more private.  The app is free , easy to use , and creates great online engagement.



Cinemagram – A more sophisticated App, Cinemagram allows you to animate small sections of your photos to make captivating visual art. More complex than still photos, and not quite video, these pictures occupy their own interesting space in online photo sharing. You take short videos and then animate only a section of them for some pretty interesting results.


Flickr – This photo communities apps for sharing and exploring their huge online network is worth mentioning because of the way it allows you to share your photos – and frankly, after memorializing a moment in time for ourselves, sharing is the second largest reason for taking photos. Easily browse through the huge number of photos from others, or just view your own online images simply and swiftly.


Camera+ Possibly one of the most versatile photo capture and editing software, by using Camera+ you can easily shoot, crop, adjust light after the fact, or use the auto focus or auto-exposure features to adjust light and focus easily during the photo taking process. This is simply what your camera app should have been in the first place. You can immediately share to Facebook, Twitter and other networks.   For only $ .99 this may be the best camera app around.


Paper Camera , $1.99 for Android, and a mere $.99 for iOs phones, is a fun application that allows you to add realtime cartoon and painting effects to your photos. I love using this to make special use copies of existing photo s, though the app will allow you to take photos as well, creating interesting photo and video effects.Like Camera+ and Instagram, social sharing is a simple task.


Photosynth as a mobile app is for iOs phones or phones using Windows 7.5 or above. Taking overlapping shots, you can create terrific panoramas stitching series of photos together to , in the words of the site, “Capture strange incidents at local businesses, incredible vertical drops in the Norwegian fjords, or whatever places or events inspire you.” The desktop version of the app will also allow you to generate 3D images, using “synths” or overlapping photos.


Hopefully you will find as much enjoyment and utility as I have from these apps. These and other Apps are making our phone cameras the “go to” for vacations and special events in our lives. I hope you’ll feel free to share your favorite photo apps in the comments below.

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