Getting Personal on Facebook

I just saw a friend of mine become a friend of Jane Realestateagent Doe on Facebook.  My first thought was wow, poor thing!  What a name to have to grow up with.  Another friend became of a friend of John Smith Lawyer.  Hmm.  I wonder if he’s an accountant?

There seems to be a trend of people adding their occupation to their given names on Facebook. When Facebook asks for your first and last name, it’s not looking for a “handle”.  It’s looking for your name.  Your real name.  While at times it may feel like we live and breathe our jobs, most of us did not have parents who tortured us by dictating our future reputation in our legal given name. 

Facebook profiles are created with “people” in mind.  There is a place for business, but it’s not your personal profile. Your personal profile is your chance to demonstrate what you are like, the values you hold, and the interests you have.  Who YOU are as a person. 

When I see a profile name like John Smith Lawyer, my first thought is “wow- this person is going to sell me something”. 

I don’t want to be sold in this environment.  I want to find out what you are about.  What do we have in common?  What interests you?  What do you believe in? 

When I know you and I like you, I might be interested in what it is you have to offer.  Having a complete profile with information on your occupation, links to more information, including a facebook business page is great.  There are times when I do want to be sold.  I need to be sold.  I have worries and concerns you might be able to help me with but I want to choose it on my own time. 

Don’t force me to to hear what you are selling.  I might just ignore you.