Grow A Set! My David Alston Interview.

Ok, that was a cheap trick, but I really love the Motto of Radian 6 – of course, as you can see in the Video below, they’re talking about growing a set of ears to listen to what people are saying about you in all of the venues they monitor for their customers. According to David’s blog, TweetPR  Radian6 is “a software firm providing a social media monitoring solution for advertising and PR professionals”. Even more interesting to me is David’s explanation of his blog

Whether it’s tweets in Twitter or media of any type designed for the ever growing media snacking culture, I think the world of PR is in the middle of a disruption. Everything is about to get thrown into the food processor, literally. What will hopefully come out the other side is a whole new generation of communicators that “tweet” highly concise messages to highly targeted audiences that care to listen because of context and because of relationship”

David (as you can see from his explanation) is any extremely smart and articulate guy with a great handle on social media working for a company that is completely invested in the phenomenon of social media and the need businesses have to monitor what is being said about them and their brands. 

During the Inbound marketing Summit in Boston, David took a few minutes away from working the Radin6 booth to answer a couple of questions. Though I can’t share the pleasure it was to meet David in person, I hope that you will enjoy hearing from him and learn from his perspective.