Hootsuite for Twitter

If you thought about using Hootsuite but were turned off by the social toolbar, you may want to take a second look at the Twitter client.  This week Hootsuite rolled out a new URL shortner so users can now choose between the easy sharing toolbar or just a simple trackable link. 

Ow.ly links will still provide clickthrough stats but will no longer be framed in with the social tool bar. Hootsuite introduced new Ht.ly links which will open the social tool bar.


I like using Hootsuite as a twitter client for a variety of features.  I like the built in ability to track statistics on my tweets.  It produces nice charts like clicks by region and referrer and you allows the ability to look at the stats on an individal level or on a summary level.  You can also download data in a CSV file.

 In addition to the tracking tools, I like the ability to not only have mulitiple columns, but to all have multiple tabs (each tab can have up to twelve columns).  I set up tabs for each of the different twitter accounts I am monitoring, tabs for upcoming events I plan to attend and tabs on topics I am monitoring.  You can easily add columns for twitter lists you follow.  The tabs and column set up allow me to easily organize twitter so I can see what is most important to me. 

 There are lots of great twitter clients out there, but if the social toolbar has prevented you from using Hootsuite in the past, you may want to give it another try.