How about you “like” some strategy first?

I drive quite a bit for my job, mainly in the suburbs where there are a ton of small businesses. Over the last few weeks/months I have watched as the number of “Like us on Facebook” mentions on signs has spread like a wintertime cold. No lie…of the 600 Million Facebook users in the world I think 100 Million of them are on the streets where I live. OK, maybe that’s a bit exaggerated, but you get what I mean.

Once in a while, maybe just because I’m bored or because I like social media I stop by the pages these places have whipped together. Needless to say, very few thumbs up’s from this girl…ugh. Most of them have the content they put there when they “created” the page (and I use that term loosely since many of them have little or no content whatsoever) or they just have links to other pages/brands that immediately take me away from whatever they were trying to do.

Of course if you recall my post on Facebook EdgeRank you know I won’t see this content for long anyway, since the chances I am going to interact with them is nil. In essence, the most promotion they will do for their business when it comes to Facebook is the space they used up on the road sign to get me to “Like” them.

Marketing on Facebook is MARKETING on Facebook. Just as you have to have a strategy when you buy television ads, or when you (heaven forbid) design an ad for the telephone book you must have a plan for how to market online. As I often say, Facebook is social…so be social, but give me some reason for “liking” you in the first place. Don’t just put something out there because Facebook is free.

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