How Brands Listen

There’s an old saying “When God gave us two ears and one mouth, he was trying to tell us something” Listening is important – there’s no denying it. Its half of the online conversation. In fact, judging by the number of people that just read and lurk, listening is arguably the most important part of the conversation. It is easily more important for businesses in today’s world than ever before, because more people are talking and reacting in public than ever before. The value of listening is obvious to brands according to Forrester Research. Though only 50% of brands responded that social media was a core function of their marketing program, nine out of ten have some form of monitoring program in place. Eight out of ten respond to customer feedback online and almost 70% incorporate customer ideas to their business process. Brands as well as consumers are constantly watching Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social channels to determine what their customers think and how they are expressing their satisfaction- or the lack of it! With the ROI of social media still an elusive concept for many businesses, there seems strong agreement that the key to determining the value of your social media efforts is to be found through the listening process. But differnet industries use different channels as part of the process. Here’s a great infographic from our friends at ColumnFive and GetSatisfactionabout how brands listen in the online space.

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