How to Spot a Yelp User

As businesses and professionals seem to obsess about social marketing, the social review process has become an important consideration. Consumers are empowered to provide their thoughts and reactions to all of their experiences 24 hours a day, and in doing so have illuminated a path for others who follow after them, helping to craft the consumer experience for others.

Yelp is possibly the best known review site, covering everything from Pizza places to auto repair shops to Realtors. Reviewers add ratings, reviews, and photos, connecting with their friends to communicate the best and worst experiences of their daily business interactions.

But what does the Yelp reviewer look like? Could you recognize one when you are out and about? How does Yelping impact their lives? The imaginations of Flowtown and Column Five have provided us with these answers to these burning questions. I know I recognized a little bit of myself here. Do you?

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