In Search of Time and Inspiration

It happens to all bloggers … we get bogged down with the business of our business and push off blogging. When we know we must write – we get stuck on what to write.

Consistency is a crucial key to blogging. I truly believe that blogging can help your business. Too often we look at our blog as an “extra” which could be why we keep pushing it off. I propose that we add blogging on our To Do List in the same manner we would for returning phone calls or emails. Posting on a regular basis is tough, but remember that you can always mix it up with video posts or a photo post.

For as much as blogging can help your business, the inconsistency of your posts can hurt your business.  An abandoned blog can affect your credibility and leave consumers with a negative impression.

Inspiration is a bit harder to tackle. What inspires you? For me, it’s reading. Sounds so simple I know. Reading through the posts on my Google Reader is a great way for me to get inspired. I also try to think of questions that I answer 9 times a day to see if I can get a post there.

A few things I do when inspiration is lacking:

1. Read, read and read some more
2. Bounce ideas off others
3. Remember that I am not saving babies

Reading is great for inspiring me with a topic idea and bouncing ideas off others can create a nice spark too. But when in doubt, I remember the words of a dear friend, “we’re not saving babies here”. In other words, there are way bigger things to worry about – don’t sweat your blog post.  Just write it!

What inspires your blog posts?  Use the comments to share!

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