Instant Success with Instagram

We have all become photographers.

Its almost impossible to attend an event, go to a historical landmark, or watch a sunset without  seeing someone using their phone to capture the moment.

Smartphones add to the photography explosion by providing numerous apps to enhance the photo taking and editing process. On of the most popular of these is Instagram, not only because its simple and easy to use, but because it has a strong and engaged social aspect. Instagram provides a simple and easy way to enhance and edit your photos with just a few taps of the a screen and its users are an engaged and responsive community that shares and comments and likes at an amazing rate.

Facebook‘s acquisition of Instagram took this already important player in the social space and amplified their reach and potential, and increased our need to have a plan to utilize the app and the community it provides access to in a thoughtful manner. Instagram is not only a cute and easy to use app, it can be a very powerful tool for using photos to increase involvement with the people you are connected to. Here is a terrific infographic from our friends at ColumnFive and Marketo that can help you simply create , curate and tag your photos, both new and existing to connect with your target demographic in an effective and personable manner.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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