Is Pinterest the Next Social Game Changer?

Pinterest is an online pinboard  share images that interest you. My favorite description of the site is “a place where women dress children they don’t have, furnish homes they don’t own, and save photos of vacations they haven’t taken” . But whatever it is, there is no question that the site is hot.  As of January 2012 Pinterest is driving more traffic than Google+, YouTube, Reddit, and LinkedIn — combined and is almost equal to Twitter.
In some respects Pinterest is a social bookmarking tool like delicious, but its graphic nature makes it visually appealing. And the impact of social proof – our herd instinct is amazing. Like may others, I got an account, and found myself being followed daily by lots of people, who it seems were waiting for me to do something interesting.

The applications for retail operations are obvious, and even businesses like real estate are struggling to find ways to use this newest and hottest social tool. Social referrals seem to have even more impact on how we find things than search – the holy grail of online marketing.

Our good friends at ColumnFive and Monetate are ahead of the game as usual, bringing us the latest numbers on the Pinterest craze. Enjoy, I’m going to be pinning this to my Pinterest page as soon as its published. What do you pin to yours?

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