It’s About You… Engaging Others.

I’m writing this from an airplane at 36,492 feet. The plane is somewhere over Oklahoma as I type this period. The Virgin Atlantic flight taking me home from REBarcamp Virginia has high speed Internet access, and I must say I’m impressed. The technology that is within our easy grasp right now is truly amazing.

Yesterday, somewhere near the end of the conference, Andy Kaufman twittered this comment: “#YEO (You Engaging Others) is becoming the takeaway term from #rebcva (h/t @respres )” I’m glad. Too much of the focus is placed on tech and not enough on behavior. I was reminded of that as I was recording some videos on several people’s Facebook walls a few moments ago. They were short birthday wishes. All of them were recorded from an airplane. And while technology most certainly played an impressive role in their delivery, the success of the videos will ultimately have nothing to do with technology. Success will be judged by my ability to use that technology to engage the five people who received them.

I coined YEO (You Engaging Others) a couple of years ago in a post on ActiveRain entitlted, “It’s Not About SEO. It’s About YEO.” The post was about the potential for distraction that SEO, search engine optimization, brought to blogging. The goal of the post? Move the conversation away from SEO to YEO. Move the conversation to engagement, to relationships.

The Social Media Marketing Institute was established to educate business professionals in the effective and responsible use of Social Media to generate business through permission-based marketing. The curriculum for our two-day course is under creative development. The focus of our efforts will not be on technology–it will be on engagement. YEO. You Engaging Others.

We’ve assembled a talented and successful group of advisors to help us concentrate on how to use tools to highlight skills you already possess. These are people who have used the tools to actually grow their businesses. They are going to help you understand how to grow your sphere of influence, engage your community and create more opportunities to close deals.

I’m looking forward to it.