Leave your doors open and embrace the technology

There has been quite a controversy in the real estate community over some lists of “top” twitterers, top bloggers, etc. Everyone wants to be on the list, while not caring they are on the list, while really wanting to be on the list. Ya-da-ya-da.  I know this happens in every industry not just real estate.

Good or bad, it is interesting to see who other people are following but don’t take it as gospel.  On one particular list, I was very disappointed to see that some of the “top” twitter names on the list were spammers, while a large number of people who are influential thought leaders (in my opinion) were missing from the lists.

A list has validity in that it may give you a starting point but what matters is who interests, influences and inspires YOU, not who inspires me or anyone else.   YOU create your own list by following the people you choose. 

It is great to network and interact with other people in your own occupation; I learn a tremendous amount from my peers.  With that said, I find the most inspirational, influential people I follow are not in real estate or social media.  They are interesting to me because of who they are as people, what they say and what they do in their lives.  One of the key benefits of social media is being able to interact with people and organizations across a wide spectrum of businesses, occupations, lifestyles and regions.  The boundaries of who you can meet using social media technology are virtually endless.  If you limit yourself to a list or an occupation, you are shutting your own doors.  Leave your doors open and embrace the technology.

Participation in social media is all about conversations.  The best way to find new and interesting people is to listen to the people already in your network, find out what they are talking about, whom they are talking to, and decide if it is interesting to you.  Alternatively (and probably far more powerful) if for you to search for topics that are interesting to you.  I recently used twitter search to find a book title I was interested in.  I found people talking about the book, I listened, engaged, and then I followed, reaching a whole new sphere of people beyond what could have been closed doors.  I follow a lot of people, but it has taken me almost two years to come up with that list—-one at a time.

The only list that matters is yours.  Make it the best list possible for YOU.