LinkedIn – Social Media’s Neglected Power House

There are some people who use LinkedIn effectively, but as I travel around the country teaching and speaking, I find that more often , people treat it as a “set it and forget it” network.  They understand the need to have a profile on LinkedIn, perhaps merely as an online resume.  Often too little time is spent in even crafting that profile. And then there are those of us who consider LinkedIn to be more of a business to business network, or a job hunting site – both big mistakes. While there is undeniable value in those sectors, connecting with others in a “professional” or business setting can be beneficial no matter who your end customers are.  LinkedIn, with its 100 million members is a valuable resource that shouldn’t be ignored. Like anything in life however, you need to work at getting proficient so here, from our friends at ColumnFive, is a great infographic to help you put some muscle into your LinkedIn engagement.  Though I don’t believe in “connecting with everyone” – your community should be a meaningful one, developed with objectives and strategy- the process they describe can certainly increase your LinkedIn effectiveness.  Enjoy!


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