Magic Recipe for Social Media Success

Many people come to us looking for what I like to call “the magic pill” or as RE BlogWorld Co-Founder Jason Berman calls it , “the social media secret sauce.”

What is the secret sauce? The magic recipe?  The perfect formula for social media marketing perfection? The secret sauce is not so much about the recipe, as it is about the ingredients or the effort you put into it.

The receipe is two part and looks something like this:

A relationship created over time where you establish trust and demonstrate expertise will yield influence. 

When you add influence and motivation together, you have the opportunity to generate results.

The secret sauce all comes down to the quality of the ingredients.  The magic recipe for social media success is not one size fits all. The relationship required with a consumer to sell a book is far different than the relationship required to sell a boat or a house. 

True success in the social media space requires an in-depth analysis of your target market, their wants, their needs, their desires, their buying capabilities and so on.  My target market is not your target market.  It is rare to find two companies or individuals with identical needs therefore each social media plan needs to be different.  You can follow the same basic recipe, but the quality and how you use the ingredients varies dramatically.

We often think about social media in a framework of numbers.   How many followers?  How many friends?  How many retweets?  How many likes?  Statistical analysis of a social media campaign is extremely important but true social media success really relates to people’s actions, not the number of fans, friends and followers.

How did they feel?  What action did that cause them to take?  What did they buy?  Who did they tell afterwards?  While the results of these questions do need to be carefully monitored, the perfect formula for incenting your customer base to act is based on their specific needs.

This week I have had three different organizations come to me with “get followers fast” claims.  There are lots of ways to get followers fast.  I can do the same.  Size of the audience can be an important ingredient in the equation but in most instances, the number of followers has nothing to do with “the secret sauce”. 

You can have tens of thousands of followers but the only ones who really matter are those you can influence to take the action you want them to take. How are you going to motivate them? Inspire them? Solve their problems?

Influence without action is a like a fallen soufflé. Inspiring action in your target audience is the most important part of the recipe. The magic is what you put into it.