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Facebook groups have become the place for community conversations on Facebook. Unlike Pages, where businesses or brands or small professionals promote their brands, products and services, people actually go to groups to speak to each other about the things they care about.

When people speak more about things they care about the conversations get really interesting and the conversational thread can get very long and involved. As a result, sometimes it’s way too much work to find the point or piece of information that had been shared when you need it.

Chris Smith and Jimmy Macklin have been instrumental in starting some of these conversation magnets in the real estate space, and the problem of the “lost pearls” became evident really quickly in a Facebook group entitled “What Should I spend My Money On?” The group, which has grown to 4200 members, has wonderful conversations by the users of hardware, software, products and services about their specific experiences good and bad. Being a neutral arena, the comments and conversations both pro and con garner a tremendous amount of interest, but with the ever increasing numbers of statements and comments it soon became difficult to find the information about that particular product or service you wanted information about. Only a short while after the group was created, members were looking for conversations from a day or two earlier, and bemoaning the difficulty in finding the information they needed.

And thus was born Curaytor. This social search engine allows you to search Facebook groups by topic, company, person or information source . In addition to the What should I spend my money On? group, the team added the “Raise the Bar” group and “Tech Support Group for Real Estate Agents” and the conversations generated by roughly  their 6900 members, and an iPad and Evernote group as well. According to Chris Smith, “We can add any Group that is open and plan to quickly”.

Now real estate professionals and consumers have a place where they can go to find that interesting position, comment, product or service by topic, company, source or user, with a very simple and easy to use interface. People can , with one click pick topics that are trending, popular, new, or recommended by “staff”  who I assume are Jimmy and Chris who have been trusted sources of recommendations for quite a while now. even popular “curaytors” make their appearance when you search, hand picked by Jimmy as good sources of information in these groups. Their search is a custom search that looks at Tags, posts, and comments, using algorithms to determine the what newcomments and the number of interactions to determine what’s trending,

I’ve played with the site, and it is easy to navigate, simple to get absorbed in as you go from conversation to conversation. Social search has been a topic of interest for a while now, but Curaytor is an intriguing application and will, judging from the buzz about it already, could become a valuable resource for its users.


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