Marketing with Email Newsletters

email is not deadEmail is not dead. I repeat, email is not dead. At least for some of your clients, and actually many of mine.

Permission based email is one of the most powerful marketing and communication tools in our online toolbelt, in my humble opinion. When you get a yes and you have the ability to send emails into someones inbox, you have the power to send great information that this prospect or past customer can use and share.

Many of us  receive daily and weekly messages on a variety of topics such as travel, weather, sales or topics of close personal interest. So, take advantage of this resource to communicate.

One effective way is with an e-mail newsletter. Newsletters may ultimately replace their direct mail counterpart; they are more cost-effective and can be more target-specific.

Features of good e-mail marketing:
•    Timely; always providing something of value.
•    Signature with links to everything so they can find out more about you
•    Compliance with CanSpam Law with an opt-out mechanism.

Newsletters can carry imbedded photo tours and direct links to blog posts and specific information. They can also be automated, and scheduled to be date-specific or sent in conjunction with some other event, like an open house. Note that more than 1/3 of all response to direct e-mail comes in the form of a purchase at a later date; e-mail direct marketing can drive future revenue.
Remember, the last thing you want is to flood them with unwanted e-mail. Your e-Newsletter must be is fresh, have valuable content and be market-specific.  E-Newsletters tend to generate a second life when forwarded on by a primary recipient.  Therefore, you always want a link on your web site where visitors can subscribe to your  e-Newsletter.
E-mail Marketing Programs
If you’re worried you don’t have enough online experience to create an effective e-mail newsletter, choose from a range of products.
Some are turn-key, so you just pick the campaign, add your members and the system does it for you.
•    Constant Contact
•    Emma
•    Vertical Response
•    iContact
•    Sharper Agent
Make sure your product allows you to:
•    Manage subscriptions automatically.
•    Offer an “Unsubscribe” feature.
•    See who is reading your newsletter through Data and Analytics.
•    Create a professional looking product using their predesigned templates.

Next post we will dive into more specifics on setting up an email newsletter. Do you use a product I didn’t mention? I would love to hear about it.

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