Maybe you should tweet about what you had for breakfast



I can’t think of anything that is less sexy than a bowl of oatmeal.  It represents a food group here in Minnesota, the white food group.  The landscape is only white about six months out of the year but the favorite foods are white all year.

Most every Saturday I take a photo of a bowl of oatmeal with my phone in a dimly lit restaurant and post it on the internet.  I can not imagine any book on social media or on marketing that would recommend that a Realtor post a marginal photo of a bowl of oatmeal every week.

Yet if I want to start a conversation on the internet the blurry bowl of oatmeal beats out a professional quality photo of my latest listing.  My bowl of oatmeal may not be very sexy but it has personality.  It is real and honest and only slightly embellished with some raisins.  It is my breakfast and I share it. Not the bowl of oatmeal of course but the photo.  The photos have become a kind of social object.

Personality has become the missing ingredient in the Facebook updates and tweets of some of my friends.  They maybe found a how-to book somewhere or maybe they picked up a new strategy.  Some of what they share is certainly more interesting than a bowl of oatmeal but I can’t find any evidence of the people I know and love and call friends in those dry updates.

They took themselves out of the equation, and stripped their updates of all humanity and personality.  Once all that is taken out status updates and tweets become a kind of daily task and there isn’t any interaction.  I suspect they are taking full advantage of auto tweeting features to make it all less mundane.

We can make social media about rules and setting up accounts but it isn’t as social that way, it is just media.   It may be better to have a discussion about a bowl of oatmeal than no discussion at all.

If you have a social media strategy please remember to add a little of that special unique magical ingredient into it.   The ingredient of course is you, with or without raisins you can’t be replaced and you have something unique to offer that no one else can offer.   You have more personality than my bowl of oatmeal, now show it to me.

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