My new team – infinite possibilities

I am humbled. Over a year and a half ago, I found Bill Lublin online. I watched him through Social Media.I even spoke about him in one of my classes.

Then I was introduced to Bill via Pierre Cadzilla from Trulia at a NAR event, and was even more impressed.

We started talking. I met the rest of the team and I was in love! In love with the concept that through training we could help people use social media effectively, ethically and responsibly. Thrilled to be involved with a great team including Ginger Wilcox and Hal Lublin.

Social media marketing is not just the new kid on the block, it “is” marketing. This phenomen has with it a learning curve. Join us on this journey of being effective communicators through the vastness of social media.

I am looking forward to adding my two cents to this blog, we will all learn something together.

Thanks for having me!