Politics and Social Media

In an election year its hard not to think about the mechanics of the election process, campaign contributions, and the marketing that is aimed at the American public from January to November. The 2008 Presidential election, and President Obama’s skillful use of social media was a turning point both for politicians and the public.

Not since John Kennedy utilized his understanding of the power of television in the first televised presidential debate has a candidate so clearly outmaneuvered the opposition and used technology to gain prominence in the electoral process.

Our good friends at MDG Advertising have turned their hand to a graphic analysis of the 2008 game changer. From showing the impact Obama made raising grass roots funds through smaller donations, to analyzing the impact he will make this time around – and discussing the impact of mobile on this election, the infographic below should give you plenty to talk about the next time you’re asked to attend a political fundraiser.

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