Questions for Your Answers

To gain acceptance as a valued resource in a given field, there is no demonstration of expertise better than answering questions on that topic.The tough part is finding a question posed by another to provide validity to your answer.

Some platforms work well in attracting consumers to ask questions in a non-threatening environment. Trulia and Zillow have been very successful in that because consumers see those sites as third parties to the transaction and therefore not trying to sell them anything even though real estate professionals provide the answers to their questions. But their success works in only one business vertical. Not everyone is a real estate professional and even if you were, that may not be the community where you plan on establishing you reputation for providing information.

A new web site, Replyz may just be the answer for people looking to build community and demonstrate expertise. According to their website :

Replyz helps people tap into the real-time stream so they can ask questions from anywhere, get replies in real-time and join conversations that matter to them. The result is a better chance of getting replies to your questions.

Both the concept and the execution are simple and yet elegant. Someone asks a question either on the site or on twitter. Replyz publishes the question (either to logged in members or to people who just “popped by” the site) . The replies that are posted through Replyz are threaded into a joinable conversation.  Since Replyz searches Twitter for keywords in questions, the person asking doesn’t need to be a part of the Replyz community to get an answer to their question, and might be pleasantly surprised when they get an answer to their question from someone they have not yet met.

But since I told you its simple, why not stop by and take it for a quick ‘test drive” and see who might need your answers to their questions? You might just find a new friend in the answer.

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