RAPDD Round-Up – Making Classes Better

I’m sitting in Wichita’s Mid-Continent Airport right now after spending the last week attending the REALTOR Association Professional Development Directors’ Summit in Old Town. It was a really well put together event during which Amy, Ginger and the Gentlemen Lublin got to interact with Professional Development and Education Directors from all over the country and talk with them about social media education. While that was rewarding and the opportunity to network with professionals from all over the country is always great, for me I really enjoyed the opportunity to learn and grow through interaction with other instructors, and participating in  instructor development workshops.

The CSM couse will always be a work-in-progress; the online social landscape keeps changing, and so our course must change with it, adding relevant material and cutting away the now-irrelevant material. Perfection is a moving target, and not really the point of what we’r trying to accomplish. Our goal is to teach relevant, digestable and most importantly actionable material to our students. The ideas generated through these instructor workshops that will begin to work their way into the classroom will help us to create an even more enriching and dynamic experience.

We’ve received plenty of praise for our course in the past, and we appreciate it, but we’re also invested in the continued improvement of our course. The experience of these development workshops is going to help make our course even better.