Rapportive- What Does It Say About You?

This post is about a gmail gadget but if you aren’t a gmail user, don’t click away! This post is for you too!

Rapportive is a cool gadget for gmail users that replaces the ads in your gmail account with information about the person you are emailing including photos, biographic data, links to your social networks and even your recent tweets.  Ever wanted to know what that person on the other side of the browser looks like?  Me too!  Rapportive is the answer to that.  To the right you can see a screenshot of what mine looks like when people email me at my SMMI email:

Why you need to pay attention even if you aren’t a Gmail User?

As of March 2010, there were 170 million gmail users worldwide. (And for the record, gmail users don’t have to have a @gmail.com email address.  We use gmail for all of our @socialmediamarketinginstitute email too!)  Don’t you want to know what your clients, friends, family and prospects are seeing when they open your email?

It’s About Brand Management.  Reputation Management.

Even if you aren’t using the tool, it is a good idea to know what others might be seeing about you.  I went through the last 20 emails I received.  ALL of them had incorrect data displaying in Rapportive. Some of them couldn’t be found by Rapportive.  If I was looking to hire someone and email them for the first time, I would expect for Rapportive to be able to find their details!

It may be important for you and your business to make sure the details on Rapportive are correct.  If  you don’t have a gmail account, they are free and easy to setup.  If you have used any other free google services, you may already have an account.

Installing Rapportive

Once you have setup a Gmail account, it is easy to install Rapportive:

  • Install the Rapportive browser extension
  • Follow the simple browser Instructions
  • Restart your gmail, and you will see Rapportive at the top
  • Click on login and stayed logged

Voila!  Rapportive is installed.  When you open emails from your contacts, rapportive will display all their details in your sidebar.  Want to show details of someone else on the recipient list besides the sender?  Just hover over their name.

Correcting Your Details

It is fairly simple to correct your details if you are a gmail user. Simply click My Profile on the bottom of the Rapportive Sidebar (it’s a small little link!). It will bring up the profile for the email address you are logged in under in the sidebar.  Hover over the area you want to change. Click edit and make the necessary changes or click remove. Click the + button to add an occupation and/or a social network. In addition to editing one of my job titles, I also added a link to my Facebook Fan Page.

If you are not logged in to the email address you typically use, you can send a message to supportive@rapportive.com and they will update your details.

Rapportive is a great tool to find out more about the people you engage with, find the social networks they participate on and what they might be saying. I added two new connections to LinkedIn while “researching” in my email for writing this post.

Even if you don’t feel like you need this tool, it’s important to check it out to manage your reputation and see what others are seeing about you.