Relaunching e-PRO® for Real Estate

Yesterday, it was announced that we, the Social Media Marketing Institute, have partnered with the National Association of REALTORS® to redevelop and rewrite NAR’s e-PRO® curriculum from the ground up. The new e-PRO® certification program will be designed to help real estate professionals broaden their technology skills and compete effectively in today’s market.

We are thrilled to be a part of the new program. Specific learning objectives of this program include:

  • Employing social-media technologies, techniques and best practices
  • Integrating online marketing into your real estate practice
  • Monitoring and protecting one’s reputation
  • Observing and upholding the NAR Code of Ethics as well as intellectual property rights
  • Working more effectively online and on the road
  • Identifying technology tools that reflect each student’s budget, time, resources, and technology aptitude

In the past, this program was an online learning event. The new program will be a blended experience with a 1 day live component and a second “day” of online modules. This approach was chosen to allow for a greater depth of material and a richer learning environment.

Frequently asked Questions about the e-PRO® Relaunch

  • How do I register for the first course in New Orleans? You can do that online and save money just by registering here.
  • Do I have to travel? No!  Though we would love to see you at the NAR Conference and Expo in New Orleans for the pilot program on November 4th,  the course will be offered all across the country.  You can ask your local association if they have plans to host a course, or contact SMMI directly to provide a course for your group or firm.
  • Why isn’t the course all online? There will be all online version of this course in phase II, however we have found that  a lot of people with varying levels of technological expertise prefer a live classroom environment where course material can be covered, but conversation and breakout sessions are encouraged.  For many students, the concepts covered involve a substantial change in how they handle their current business.  A live classroom environment enables students to learn from their peers as well as interact with their teacher.
  • I am a current e-PRO®.  Can I take the course for free? No, but NAR is hoping to provide a discount for current e-PROS for the day 2 modules that will be available online.  There will not be a discount for the live classes.  More information to come!
  • Technology is changing rapidly.  Won’t this course be outdated in a few months? We couldn’t agree more!  Technology is changing so rapidly that it can be overwhelming to keep up.  We will be updating course material twice a year to reflect the rapidly changing environment. Certificate holders will have access to webinars and forums to stay up to date.
  • Why do I need a technology course to teach me this?  Can’t I learn it at a free RE BarCamp? We are huge supporters of RE Bar Camps.  The founder of RE BarCamps sits on our Advisory Board and our Advisory Board has planned more than 14 of them across the country. They are fantastic events to extend someone’s technology knowledge.  You will learn something, and it will be great, but the open nature of that format is not a holistic approach to building a fundamental plan for your real estate practice.
    Technology and online marketing skills are fundamental to the success of today’s real estate agent.  The e-PRO® course is designed for people of all skill levels to get the skills they need to compete as real estate professionals, be efficient, and manage their reputations online.  The course curriculum is structured to meet the needs of all learning styles in a comprehensive manner so that real estate professionals leave with a strategy to incorporate technology and online marketing into their real estate business in a manner that fits their own individual budget, time, resources, and technology aptitude.

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