Six Tech resolutions for the New Year

new year resolutionsNew Year‘s day is a time for new beginnings and promises to ourselves about improving our lives.  Here are a couple of simple to achieve resolutions help you improve your tech use.

  • Simplify your Social Media Use – People have embraced social media in their personal and business lives  and like children at a party are fascinated with the sweets offered for their consumption. They seem to wander from place to place, taking a bite here and a nibble there until they end up with a social media tummy-ache. Choose the best places for you to engage and concentrate on them. Be where your friends or potential consumers are, and engage with them, in that place, on their terms, building your relationships deeper.  Its far better to have significant engagement in one or two places than it is to appear , like a disembodied spirit,  in a dozen different places. Join less, focus more.
  • Check your privacy settings.  – Most of us don’t read the terms of service on the networks or software we employ , and only know about changes in those terms when we read about them in Mashable or Gizmodo or at SMMI, but they impact us substantially just the same and they change frequently. Check your privacy settings today, and then set a date on your personal calendar every three months to remind you to spend just a few minutes quarterly do the same.
  • Handle your email better this year  – We are all inundated with email. This year, try to be more efficient by only touching each piece of email once. Either reply, delete, report as spam or forward it as soon as you read it. It may not cut down on the volume of your email, but it will get you through the inbox faster and more efficiently (and watch here for a blog post shortly about software to help you handle your email load)
  • Create a backup plan for your data – You may not want to spend the money on a service like Carbonite or Crashplan+ but you can certainly get a free Dropbox SugarSync  or iCloud account to put your most critical (or personal) data in for safety. Cloud based services have cutting edge servers and are usually triple redundant for safety (they keep your stuff in three places to assure the physical safety of the servers your data is stored on) so they have a safer place for your data than you do.
  • Get your face out of your phone – be here now – We’re all guilty of it. Texting or checking updates on our phone when we’re physically with someone. I love being in touch with my friends and family  through the magic of technology and social media, but the people in your presence deserve your attention too.  Limit yourself to checking your phone when they leave the table or the room for something. Live your life in the present and experience it in the physical world.  You are making the memories you will be sharing online, so give them the attention they deserve.
  • Learn how to do something new – Whatever you want – a new skill, a new piece of hardware , or a new piece of software. Take a course, attend a seminar or attempt to use a skill that’s outside your comfort zone. Whether its taking the new e-Pro course,learning about cloud computing, or how to use Evernote or YouTube for your business, the world is full of places and skills for you to learn


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