SMMI says Happy Birthday, Bill Lublin!

Our CEO Bill (or Dad, as I call him) is one of those very special people who seems to know everyone and even more than that takes the time to speak to them and make them feel important. Anthropologist Robin Dunbar has said that we can only ever have around 150 true friends. With all due respect, he hasn’t met my father, a man whose generosity and willingness to extend trust come not from naiveté but from the belief that we are all basically good people and that it’s our job to leave the world a better place than we found it. That last statement can mean a lot of things, but for my father I believe it’s been about the people.

If you need proof of the number of lives he touches, consider the fact that you’re reading this and probably have a story of some time he helped you, did something generous for you or even just took them time during the day to talk to you and let you feel heard.

Dad, this day’s for you, and it’s well deserved. The things that you do in life are an inspiration to so many people, and I hope that my life has at least a fraction of the impact yours has so far.

And you’re just getting started. Happy Birthday!

Photo Credit – Robin Taylor Roth

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