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The Best Ways to Get Unfriended and Unfollowed on Facebook,Twitter and LinkedIn

join my network by Tom Fishburne

Join My Network Courtesy of Tom Fishburne

I guess it had to happen.

People heard that there were a lot of consumers using social media, and perceived that those consumers had gotten together for the sole purpose of moving forward the business agendas of anyone with a computer or smartphone. Sadly for those of us who were exploring this new frontier, a whole new raft of socially unacceptable behavior was about to be born.

Using social media for business purposes is a balancing act, trying to increase your acceptance and build trust with an online community while advancing your legitimate business purpose. Like anything worth doing, its worth doing well, but if it isn’t done well, it can boomerang and actually decrease your standing with your community or their desire to listen to any of your communications. Here are a couple of things that tend ot drive people crazy online

  1. Automated responses – When people tweet or connect with others online  they aren’t looking to connect with an automation – they are looking for a real personal connection. A response that is obviously an auto-responder causes an almost immediate disconnect – leading may people to block, unfollow or unfriend the person who thought they were acknowledging the new connection. When people take the 2nd day of the e-Pro course, at one point the tweet out to the e-Pro team. We will respond personally, because that’s what there effort was a personal effort. Its no a lot of effort for the positive responses it brings us.
  2. Thoughtless Broadcasting- I get a lot of unsolicited requests on LinkedIn, a network that I keep the closest watch on and am most protective of. For example, I rencently got a request from someone in my marketplace that said  “Find out why I use LinkedIn. Stay in touch and build your professional network.  – (Name Redacted) .”  Seriously? I don’t even know you. Why would I care what motivates you? Even in this smaller social space, we constantly get messages from people promising us things we don’t want or need, indicating they have no idea who we are or what we are interested in. These folks don’t take the time to cull their list and be sure that the message they were sending is at least potentially appropriate for the recipient. Direct mail marketers are more considerate than that – but then again they have to pay for stamps.
  3. Careless Commenting – I’ve always felt that we have two reasons and one mouth for a reason – listening is at least twice as important as speaking, and thoughtful speaking is far more important than speaking at all. People often feel the need to speak first and think later – but when they do that online, they create a permanent record of their thoughtlessness. Just as people need to wait before they send an emotion filled email, they should wait before posting an emotion filled response on Facebook or on a blog post. And if you are the target of such a response, remember that there are those online who live for the controversy. They make themselves appear larger by being the center of controversy because they have little or nothing of value to add to the conversation.

Interested in building a network online? Its very simple and can be explained in just a few words. Be Transparent, Be Genuine, Be Consistent. When people know who you are, know what you care about, and know that they can rely on you, they want  you as part of their network. Upon reflection, it seems so simple, and yet, for many its so hard. I hope that it isn’t hard for you.

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Six Steps to Facebook Safety

With over 900 million users, Facebook has become an integral part of modern society. And with the huge number of daily users, it has also become a prime target for cybercrime, and a real danger for the unwary user.

Below is an infographic produced by Column Five for ZoneAlarm, showing just how these attacks are taking place. With almost one in five links on newsfeeds opening to a virus, and over a half million logins compromised every day, users need to know how to protect themselves and minimize their exposure to risk. With a simple six step program, you can make your Facebook experience a safe and pleasant one.

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Instant Success with Instagram

We have all become photographers.

Its almost impossible to attend an event, go to a historical landmark, or watch a sunset without  seeing someone using their phone to capture the moment.

Smartphones add to the photography explosion by providing numerous apps to enhance the photo taking and editing process. On of the most popular of these is Instagram, not only because its simple and easy to use, but because it has a strong and engaged social aspect. Instagram provides a simple and easy way to enhance and edit your photos with just a few taps of the a screen and its users are an engaged and responsive community that shares and comments and likes at an amazing rate.

Facebook‘s acquisition of Instagram took this already important player in the social space and amplified their reach and potential, and increased our need to have a plan to utilize the app and the community it provides access to in a thoughtful manner. Instagram is not only a cute and easy to use app, it can be a very powerful tool for using photos to increase involvement with the people you are connected to. Here is a terrific infographic from our friends at ColumnFive and Marketo that can help you simply create , curate and tag your photos, both new and existing to connect with your target demographic in an effective and personable manner.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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Are You Addicted to Social Media?

With social media becoming mainstream, and people embracing every new network for personal or business reasons, there’s a lot of clutter in our lives. Facebook users check their status first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Email takes up 28% of the average office worker’s day, but social media use is become even more pervasive.  And it’s now being seen as a problem for many users.

At a conference I emceed recently, two of the major presentations revolved around  our need to be unplugged and the physical and emotional perils of social media addiction.

The first speaker spoke about unplugging from the social web, and when we are plugged in, to have a purpose. The second day keynote was a discussion of social media addiction, Korean Social Media Rehabs, and the possible damage that being over connected can have on our minds and our bodies.

This need to be thoughtful about how we spend our time is not new, its just something we need to remember. Ecclesiastes (repeated by the 60’s rock Group The Byrds and the 1984 movie “Footlose”) ) tells us, “to every thing there is a season”. Technology of any sort is the proof of that.  The seasons are obvious when we look. We investigate first. Then we adopt, at first timidly, then with gusto. And then we integrate our lives, until, in many cases, we become so engaged that we recognize that we may need to back off.

It happened with television, cell phones, computer games, and now, social engagement on the web. Each appeared as a novelty, had wide spread adoption, then became ubiquitous , then a matter of concern for users.  Like a child with a new favorite game, we play it again and again until we tire of it, and then, if it is truly something that we enjoy, we learn to use it in moderation.

Obviously being thoughtful about social media is the key to any level of engagement. The web is immense and we desire to fill it with our contributions to the ongoing conversation. So let’s look at what we can do to make the time we spend enjoyable and productive.

  • Start With a Purpose – If your online engagement has a business purpose, first determine what it is, and which channels are most effective for achieving your goals. If you are only online for social purposes, figure out what makes you happy and determine how much of your leisure you want to spend doing that. Like any other social activity, you need to allocate the time you can spend, considering the needs fo your business and family- what’s left is yours.
  • Prioritize your online time . E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and all of our other online engagements have different purposes – now that you have determine what you want to accomplish, it becomes easier to choose your battles. You don’t have to be everywhere because your customers or clients aren’t .
  • Set aside time for offline engagement. I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but someone needs to tell you that most texts or phone calls can wait until after you son’s game, your date night, or the movie. You have voice mail for a reason, and you need to remember that in most cases, the people you are with are more important than that message from a distance. Whatever is going on at Facebook will still be there when you arrive its the internet people, you aren’t going to miss anything you can’t read about later.
  • Be Here Now. This simple statement was the  title of a 1971 book written by Baba Ram Dass and contains a message of importance that transcends the decades since its publication.The really significant moments of our lives happen off-line. It would be tragic to miss them because you were hiding out on Facebook. Spend some time with your friends and family doing things in the physical world. You can let your online community know when you need to unplug. You’ll be better for it, and they will understand your absence and not confuse it with a complete withdrawal.

Addicted or not, these simple suggestions can help you organize your online presence effectively , and without detracting from the value of your online engagement. In fact, they might even help increase it. What do you think?


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12 Predictions You Can Count on in 2012

As we begin a new year, the future is foremost in our minds. What new trends will the this year bring? How can we take advantage of , or prepare for the changes that time inevitably brings?  Those thoughts, natural as they are generally bring forth a slew of posts about what the coming year will bring. But by the end of the year, we see that most of the forecasts miss their mark. In an effort to avoid that problem , I have compiled the following list of 12 things that WILL be part of the technology and social media landscape in 2012

  • Someone will write a blog post about the death of blogging
  • Someone will write a post that proclaims that Blogging is the heart of social media
  • Someone will write a post that proclaims that 2012 is the Year of Mobile
  • Someone will write a post that proclaims that 2012 is the Year of Video
  • Someone will write a post that proclaims that 2012 is the Year of Social Marketing
  • Someone will write a post that proclaims that 2012 is the Year of Location Based Services
  • Someone will write a post that proclaims Location Based Services are dangerous to use and serve no purpose.
  • Someone will publish a study that shows that Klout is the worst thing since the invention of the Internet
  • Someone will publish a study that shows that Klout is the greatest thing since  the invention of the Internet
  • A celebrity will, with great fanfare,  leave Twitter because they said something stupid
  • A celebrity will, with great fanfare,  leave Twitter because they believe someone else said something stupid
  • Someone will claim to have solved the secret of social media, and will share that secret with you for a small fee

With those predictions out of the way, I hope that you can concentrate on the things that will make your year better.  Working on improving your marketable skills, your product and your service. Figure out who your market is and then find out what they want while becoming a member of their community, on their terms. Determine what you can offer them that they value, and then determine what tools will help you do that. Oh, and while your at it, do something good for someone less fortunate – whether it helps your business or not, you’ll feel better doing it, and you will have accomplished something positive in the universe.

Try to enjoy yourself while you’re doing all of this will you ? Best wishes from all of us at SMMI for the healthiest, Happiest and most productive year possible.

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