Taking Charge of Your Online Experience

Every few months I get what I call “twitter block.” I read, lurk and can’t think of a thing to say. If you know me, the idea of me not having something to say is pretty foreign. My most recent twitter block has been caused by some disenchantment on my part. Twitter lost some of its luster to me.

I have been on Twitter for 3+ years. At times I long for the “good ole days” of more intimate conversations, many of which have now switched to the Facebook platform. Many days I log on to Twitter to see the same group of people talking to the same group of people, mostly about themselves. I am so tired of the self-promotional mumbo jumbo. There are many days where I open my twitter stream and close it in frustration.

I want to learn something! I want to have conversations! I want to connect with real people!

Mentally, I have blamed “them” for doing it wrong. “They aren’t doing it right! Twitter is about connections.” I have been begging for “them” to be quiet. Yet, I continued to follow “them” because I felt I had to. Would it be political suicide not to?

Last week I had the privilege of spending the afternoon with Gahlord Dewald and Andy Kaufman. Yes, I am a lucky girl. It was fun and games (we rode a roller coaster and played in a video arcade) but we also had great conversation about Twitter experiences and Twitter strategy that really got me thinking.

What Twitter (or any other social network) means to me, may not be the same to you. Some people may choose to use Twitter as a broadcasting platform. Old school marketing, new tool. While I don’t think it the most effective, that doesn’t mean broadcasting doesn’t work. It’s working for some people and some organizations.

For me personally, social networks are about experiences, meeting new people, developing stronger connections, and learning new things. As cliché as it sounds, it is about the relationships. Almost all of my successes in my life have been about relationships. If I am looking for connections and not finding them, nobody else can make that happen… except me.

My frustration is my fault. I have a choice of whom I follow and whom I listen to. I haven’t been exercising that choice enough.

We are all in charge of our experiences. Thinking about what is important to you and plan your strategy accordingly. If you are looking for conversation, I am all ears.