The magic of connections

Barcamp experienceThere is just something magical about reading someones posts on their blog, or  their twitter feed, and then finally meeting them in person. You recognize their picture and when you get to chat with them, the most unbelievable thing happens. They sound just like their blog post or tweet. Amazing!

I was able to attend a BarCamp today in Rye, York. If you are not familiar with a  a BarCamp it is an unconference where people get together to discuss technology. In this “ad hoc” gathering everyone is a teaching participant. There is a lot of demonstrations and sharing of ideas. We all learn from each other  and always leave inspired with new technology skills and ideas.

I was able to meet up with some of my virtual friends I had not seen in awhile, but I also met a virtual friend today, I had previously only connected with online.

She opened the BarCamp with a personal story of how she missed going to work in New York  on 9/11 because of a medical appointment and lost lots of friends. In a recorded phone message from one of those friends, she was reminded to live every day to its fullest. She left her job and entered a field where she could do just that.

Here is someone who I only knew from 140 character tweets, and I recognized her “voice” as soon as I met her. Now I am really getting to know her and proud to call her a friend.

You never know who you might start following and connecting with. And you may find out the connection is magical!

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