The Perfect Blend at a Wine Weekend

Last weekend I had the opportunity to join approximately 45 of my “social media” friends on a weekend adventure to wine country.  The #time4wine event was all about fun.  Julie and Karen, our organizer extraordinaires arranged a fantastic weekend of wine tastings with a private wine dinner at. Alpha Omega (quite possibly one of the best dinners I have had in my life, but that is another story). 

People flew in from Montreal, Colorado, Los Angeles and more just for the weekend. Why? They flew in for the perfect blend.  No, I am not talking about a new wine.  I am talking about the perfect blend- the mingling of online and offline.  Through social networks, we have developed followers, who have become acquaintances, and turned into friends. 

We continue to say that what starts online needs to be taken off.  #time4wine weekend is a good demonstration of that.  There really is no substitute for time spent face to face. 

So if there is no substitute for time spent face to face, why bother building the relationship online?  Online relationships strengthen offline relationships in a way that most purely offline relationships cannot do.  Why?

By regularly updating our status in online spaces, our friends and followers are involved in what we do on a daily basis.  They probably don’t see every update (unless they are stalking you), but if you update often, they probably have a general sense of what is happening in your life or your business.  I call it the “peripheral knowledge’.  Often, we don’t even realize that our sub conscious is paying attention to what is happening around us, but when prompted, we are able to remember the updates we saw.

On multiple occasions at the #time4wine event, I had people ask me questions about blog posts I have written or status updates I had posted.  In many cases, I had forgotten I had even written about them, but at that moment in time, those peripheral recollections were triggered.  Online relationships enable us to reach in and have a deeper understanding and awareness of our online friends and our offline friend.

The initial starting point, whether online or offline is somewhat irrelevant.  The perfect blend occurs when you close the circle and seal the bond.