The Reach of Facebook

No one can argue that Facebook is a popular site. Over 125 million users in the US alone (source) and three billion (with a “B”) visitors a month (according to are obviously numbers to be reckoned with, and anyone in the business world should probably be pondering how to get business, or at least exposure, on Facebook.

Personally, I have yet to really determine what the best use of Facebook is from a business perspective — my business that is. To be honest, for the longest time I thought Facebook was just a place for people to post pictures and play Farmville.

One day back in April though, I received a Facebook message that caused me to take a step back and consider the true reach of the platform:

This is a message from my high school JROTC instructor. Now if I had graduated from high school in say… the current century… this little note wouldn’t mean a whole lot.

Consider however that I graduated in 1979 — over thirty years ago — and this message begins to mean something. Add in the fact that the high school I attended was on an Army post and was attended by nothing but kids with parents in the military — kids who literally scattered across the globe after graduation — and you can begin to see the reach and scope of Facebook.

Here’s a teacher with whom I’ve had zero contact over the last 30 years, who just celebrated his 80th birthday, that managed to find me on Facebook.

How cool is that?

Yep, Facebook reaches the masses. A lot of masses. Young, old, educated, and not-so-educated. If you run a business, any business, there are clearly potential clients/customers on Facebook.

How are you reaching them?