Time and Energy to make a commitment to Social Media

I recently taught a social media class for a wonderful association. Members in the audience were confessing that they were still having a hard time with social media. The issues?

  • They don’t like the minutia, what someone ate for breakfast that morning
  • They don’t have the time to work on these tools

So we took it down a notch and chatted. It was good therapy for all of us. First off I shared with them that they seemed to be confusing the  tools and technology with the personal interaction.

In their every day real estate lives, they interact, network with people all day. Why is it difficult to recognize  that it is the same thing, just adifferent way ofnetworking, this time with an online audience.

Time to do it all? You have to make time. Bottom line. So, what things are you and I doing every day that we shouldn’t be doing? Spending hours creating brochures? Doing paperwork that someone else could be doing?

I hired a part time bookkeeper through Elance and that freed me up 4 days a month. Now I have more time to write for my blog and interact.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. We moved on and yes, some actually had a smile on their face!