Using Social Media to Build an Orphanage

We believe social media is at its best when used to help others.  Today we are asking for your help.  Our dear friends Rocky and Jeff Turner (Jeff is an SMMI advisory board member), are raising funds to build an orphanage in Kenya for 34 beautiful girls who have been through circumstances no child or human-being should have to endure. The situation is dire and urgent.

Rocky wrote a post today requesting our help.  Rocky is the founder of Mothers Fighting For Others, an organization dedicated to providing orphaned girls safe and nurturing environment and a quality education so they can learn, thrive and achieve their highest potential.

The beautiful girls you see in the video below need our help. They have an immediate need for relocation to a safe home where they can have a fresh start on life and get the education they need to survive.  We would like to use our social reach for social good. Look at those faces. Those are real photos of the girls who need our help. Please help Mothers Fighting for Others and the girls. Any contribution is meaningful.