Vacationing the Social Media Way

Whenever the disruptive influence of the web is discussed, the travel business is always at the forefront of the conversation. Travel agents have, in many ways been taken out of the middle of the transaction,as people make their own hotel, airline, and car rental arrangements online. Its become such a normal way of doing business, and is so different from what went before, that it’s no longer a novelty.  But the discussion of how social media has changed our vacation habits is one that is only now evolving.

Recently MDG Advertising developed an infographic with information from Marriot, TripAdvisor, Frommer’s Unlimited, Comscore and Allianz Global Assistance USA,  showing how social media is used in planning, booking, sharing, and reviewing all of the elements of their vacation. Their research showed that 5 out of 10 people used social media as a source for vacation inspiration,  with 3 out of 10 getting that inspiration from Facebook. More than half of the vacationers “like” a page related to their vacation while 59%  posted something on Facebook about their upcoming vacation.

It seems that we want to stay connected even when we get away – 3 out of 4 people used social media on their vacation, and when we return, 3 out of 4 share photos from their vacation with their social networks.

MDG found that mobile played a big part in the vacation process as well for everything from photos to scheduling wake up times. In fact, they discovered that the percentage of people using their mobile devices to check in or check flight status doubled year over year.

As we near the Labor Day Weekend, maybe reviewing the infographic can provide you with some ideas for your own vacation – Here’s hoping yours is a special one!





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