A Little Tip When Acting as a Page

Warning: Geek Speak Ahead!

Facebook now allows you to “act as a page” when working with your Facebook Business Pages and there are times when this can be super helpful. I go back and forth between this and posting as myself. We are all striving for more interaction on our pages and I am always looking for ways to get the “likers” to talk to me. One of my favorite ways to increase exposure is to post on the page as me and tag someone in my post.


Taken directly from the SMMI Facebook page

Note:  The screenshot above shows the SMMI business page admin tagging me (Stefanie) to this particular post, but when I post this way I can tag any of my friends – not just myself – to a post.

Similar to a photo tag, this will tie my post to that person and my business page post will post on their personal wall. Cool right? Here is the only thing … I have to do this as myself (sort of).

Start by going to Edit Settings on your Facebook Business Page – this will be just under the Home – Profile – Account menu at the top right of your page. Now, on the left sidebar menu, click on Your Settings and you will see Posting Preferences. If you check off the box as I have it below, you can stay in “personal” mode when posting on your business page and tag friends in your posts.

Even though I am not selecting “act as a page” I will be posting as my page even when I am using Facebook as me. If I do not have this checked off and I am posting as my page, I will only be able to tag other pages that I have “liked” as my business page.


Taken directly from the SMMI Facebook Page Settings

Confused yet? Rinse, lather and repeat. Or just read this again! Comment or reach out with quest

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